Letter From

Raja Ampat: Seas of Change

Greg Wrenn

Its rare reefs and fisheries have withstood collapse—but for how long?

Laos: What Lies Beneath

Karen J. Coates

Clearing a decade of American bombs in Laos

Israel: Occupational Hazards

Feisal G. Mohamed

Confronting academic freedom and racism in an oppressive state

Fontaine-de-Vaucluse: Where the Waters Speak of Love

Jeffrey Tayler

Reading Petrarch in Provence

Athens: Rocking the Cradle of Democracy

John Psaropoulos

Austerity was supposed to make Greece more efficient, but it seems to be imperiling the country’s future

Côte d’Ivoire: Smart Girls

Julia Lichtblau

East Timor: Mountain of Memory

Karen J. Coates

Long ago, the country was home to lush rainforests, but during successive foreign occupations, loggers stripped away much of its tree canopy

South Africa: Rhinos Under the Gun

Katarzyna Nowak

Why the decline of megafauna is due to our direct persecution

Letter from Sinjar: Convert or Die

Cathy Otten

A city ravaged by ISIS is littered with explosives and mass graves

Letter from the Aral Sea: All Dried Up

Jeffrey Tayler

How the fourth-largest landlocked body of water on earth almost disappeared

Trinidad and Tobago: The Showman

Tom Zoellner

Popular anxiety about rising crime has buoyed the TV show “Crime Watch”

Letter from Myanmar: A Glimmer of Hope

Ingrid McDonald

Letter from Kakuma Camp, Kenya: Nowhere Girl

Neil Shea

Letter from Haiti: After the Earthquake

Madison Smartt Bell

Letter From Mumbai: Intolerance

Murzban F. Shroff

An open letter to India’s Prime Minister from a persecuted writer

Letter from Kaunas, Lithuania: Springtime for Putin

Leonidas Donskis

Letter from Maasailand: Seeds of Change

David McDannald

Letter from Benghazi: After the Revolution

Clare Morgana Gillis

Istanbul: Hot Days in the Park

Suzy Hansen

Vienna: Selective Amnesia

Alice Miller

Letter from Moscow: Putin’s Progress

Jeffrey Tayler

Madrid: Dignity and Indignation

Aaron Shulman

Srebrenica: The Scars of Genocide

Sarah Kenyon Lischer

Letter from Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace

Neil Shea

Traveling with U.S. troops gives insights into the recent massacre

Stuttgart: Continental Drifter

Olufemi Terry

Letter from Belfast: City of Walls

Robin Kirk

The Mexican Border: Crossing a Cultural Divide

Reed Karaim

Sri Lanka: Living Dangerously

Michael Hardy

Vietnam: ‘Good Memories, Bad War’

Christopher Davenport

Algeria: Waiting for a Goal

Eric Calderwood

Afghanistan: ‘So This Is Paktya’

Neil Shea

How ready are our allies to secure their own country?

Italy: ‘A Pilgrim's Progress’

Lincoln Perry

Rwanda: 'Our Big Mistake'

Sarah Kenyon Lischer

Letter from Morocco: The Living and the Dead

Eric Calderwood

Paris: A Twombly Ceiling

Grant Rosenberg

Dubai: Globalization on Steroids

William Morehouse

Burma: Captives of the Junta

William Lychack

Antarctica: Cold Comfort

Emily Stone

The National Science Foundation funds dozens of projects in Antarctica to study the effects of climate change. As U.S. government agencies are stripped of their funding and autonomy, read this piece to remind yourself of the importance of scientific research.

Oaxaca: No End in Sight

Robert Joe Stout

Vienna: Trapped in a Golden Age

Alexandra Starr

Letter from Cambodia: At Last, a Tribunal for Khmer Rouge Atrocities

Dustin Roasa

New Orleans: Chasing the Blues Away

Lawrence N. Powell

Caracas: Living Large on Oil

Alexandra Starr

Istanbul: The Group

Suzanne Scanlon

Qyteza: The Chicago Connection

Allison Stanger

Rio: Feckless and Reckless

Alan Peter Ryan

Amman: The War Next Door

Ingrid McDonald

Paris: The Death of Derrida

Charles Trueheart