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How to Be a Wolf

Stephanie Bastek

An ode to Anthony Bourdain

The Half-Century What If?

Walter Nicklin

How would our lives be different if RFK had not been assassinated?

The Roth Years

Steven L. Isenberg

Remembering a novelist of intellect and wit

The Great Detached

Graeme Wood

As a journalist, Tom Wolfe’s greatest asset was his emotional distance from his subjects

Red Sky in Morning, Fisherman’s Warning

Richard Nelson

Climate change in the Gulf of Maine

Idle Hands Are the Dreamer's Tools

Charlotte Salley

Why lolling about is a worthwhile pursuit

Last Words

Our Editors

One of the final poems that J. D. McClatchy (1945-2018) wrote

Remembering Sutherland Springs

Brandon Lingle

A chronicle of a mass shooting and its aftermath


Chloe Shaw

Reflecting on gun violence from the Happiest Place on Earth

Bitter Fruits

Katarzyna Nowak

Decades after leaving the Eastern Bloc, an author recalls the American dream

The Year That Spring Did Not Come

Walter Nicklin

Looking back on the turmoil of 1968

Watcher of the Skies

Jeremy Bernstein

A tribute to Stephen Hawking

That Common Heart

Amanda Parrish Morgan

Finding unity and faith in the fiction of Marilynne Robinson

On Gratitude

Edward Hoagland

How a simple thank you can lift the spirits

Conjoined Terms

Ralph Keyes

Sometimes your lingo needs a little mojo

1968 a Half Century Later

Walter Nicklin

A Year (Until Now?) Like No Other

Intimations of Fascism

Mark Edmundson

The problem with hating the haters

A Palate for the Finer Things

Paul Lukacs

Pondering a father’s thirst for respectability

The Wine Lover’s Daughter: A Memoir · by Anne Fadiman

On Truth Telling and Dictatorship

Dennis Covington

A journalist reflects on the value of a free press—and the consequences of its subversion

Remembering Richard Wilbur

A. E. Stallings

Thoughts on the Pulitzer prize–winning poet

Triumph of the Underdog

Richard Moe

A new biography offers a sympathetic portrait of Lincoln’s greatest general

Grant · by Ron Chernow

Good Faith, Decent People, and Fateful Misunderstandings

Ernest B. Furgurson

On the occasion of the new PBS documentary on Vietnam, a former war correspondent recalls an American general whose failure helped define the conflict

Remembering JA

David Lehman

Thoughts on the poet of New York

Violence in Charlottesville

Mark Edmundson

What I saw firsthand, and what it meant

Monumental Hatred

Louis P. Masur

The ongoing struggle against white supremacy

Pause Fillers

Ralph Keyes

Um, like, y’know, sort of, if you catch my drift

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Joyce

Sam Anderson

In honor of the 136th birthday of James Joyce, read this literary travelogue through Bloomsday and beyond

Why 100,000,000 Americans Read Comics

William Moulton Marston

The creator of Wonder Woman makes the case for superheroes—especially female ones


James Santel

President Obama’s public remarks revealed his unshakable faith in the unity of the American people

We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama · edited by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid

By the Content of Its Characters

Melvin Jules Bukiet

On rereading “War and Peace” in the age of radical sensitivity


Ralph Keyes

The history of the most awesome language ever

Injurious Entanglements

George O’Brien

Remembering William Trevor’s Anglo-Irish Stories

Low Definition in Higher Education

Lyell Asher

When college students are told what to think and what not to say, who suffers in the end?

Sex, Lies, and Literature

Mikita Brottman

Learning from Mr. Hyde

Garden State Sorcerer

Louis P. Masur

In his new memoir, Springsteen reveals his inner life but is strangely silent on his music

Pawns for Fascism

Reinhold Niebuhr

This piece from 1937 envisions the forces that make a demagogue like Trump possible

The Hidden Music of Words

Aaron Sachs

Academics shouldn’t scoff at literary prose—they have much to learn from it

The Aspirational Golf of Arnold Palmer

Stephen Goodwin

Ode to the man who brought out the goodness in the game

Late Night Thoughts on Nuclear Weapons

Jerry Delaney

The game of nuclear deterrence contains a fatal trap

Rise Up

Martha Southgate

Hamilton woke me up; I see it waking up young fans, too

Unconventional Conventions

Barry Goldstein

Our complete coverage of the 2016 Republican and Democratic events

The Silent Candidate

Harold Holzer

In 1860, after Lincoln received the Republican presidential nomination, he kept his mouth shut until the election—we should be so lucky today.

What Michael Herr Meant to Me

Neil Shea

On Dispatches, mentors, and writing about war

Jane Austen’s Ivory Cage

Mikita Brottman

What lies beneath the surface of the grand estates and courtly balls

How to Read Dante in the 21st Century

Joseph Luzzi

Breaking the code of “The Divine Comedy” with patient reverence

The Wonder of Wuthering Heights

Stephanie Bastek

An interview with Alison Case, author of the novel “Nelly Dean”

Winter Classical Music

Sudip Bose

Ten pieces to warm your ears

The Trouble at Yale

Paula Marantz Cohen

Why an intellectual space requires a safe space

How to Have an Election

Jill McCorkle

First thing you do is lock the candidates in a room

The Case for Motherhood

Jean Kim

What does it mean when you don’t want your own child?

Do Female Lives Matter?

Judith Hooper

Uncovering forgotten history through fiction

The Winners of the 2015 Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards

Stephanie Bastek

Right Does Not Make It Right

Amitai Etzioni

How we keep free speech from becoming hate speech

The Naples Quartet

Wendy Smith

The novels of Elena Ferrante

Dreiser’s Strivers

Peter Baida

Putting Sister Carrie to work

The Phi Beta Kappa Awards Short List

Stephanie Bastek

Fifteen books are in the running for three $10,000 awards

Resisting Atticus’s Allure

Stephen Goodwin

On the eve of Harper Lee’s new book release, reconsidering the legacy of To Kill a Mockingbird

The Writer Who Taught

John S. Rosenberg

Remembering William Zinsser

Remembering Robert Stone

Stephen Goodwin

The novelist possessed his characters, and was possessed by them

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie

Patricia O’Toole

Sirte and Misrata, Libya’s Last Battle

Clare Morgana Gillis

A journalist remembers her days in Libya with James Foley

Return to Madrid

Aaron Shulman

The stubborn genius of hope

Man of Faith—and Doubt

Diane Cole

Hugh Nissenson should have been better known for his spare historical novels

Readdressing Gettysburg

Our readers

What would Lincoln say today?

Happy Birthday, Stranger

Jerry Delaney

Celebrating Albert Camus on his centennial

The Ultimate Burden

William M. Chace

Is it even possible for universities to do what the Supreme Court asks?

A Good Soldier Gone Bad

Neil Shea

Demanding answers from a war criminal

A Brontë Fragment

Miranda K. Pennington

A short poem written in Charlotte’s hand goes up for auction. What would it feel like just to hold it?

Anthony Lewis and the March to Equality

Lincoln Caplan

In his writing, he explained an activist Supreme Court to the nation

Crossing into Syria

Clare Morgana Gillis

A reporter describes her visit under fire to rebel-held villages near the symbolic homeland of President Bashar al-Assad

What Columbus Day Really Means

William J. Connell

If you think the holiday pits Native Americans against Italian Americans, consider the history behind its origin

The Voice of a Nation

David J. Wasserstein

Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry was most eloquent when performed before an audience

Writing About Writers

Bob Thompson

Covering the book beat

Q&A With Ralph Lombreglia

Vanessa Schipani

Ralph Lombreglia answers questions about his short story “Unrippable”

“You’re Going to Live a Long Life”

Matthew Dallek

A cancer survivor and writer says the “cancer community” lacks a cohesive political movement