Writing Lessons

Learning to Steal

Kate Moses

Wrong Is Right

Ralph Lombreglia

Forgive Yourself

Hannah Nordhaus

The Bookroom

Aaron Sachs

Just Jump

Michael Katakis

Life Is Too Short

Sarah Manguso

A Book to Remember

Douglas L. Wilson

First, Please Yourself

Peter Turchi

Every Story is Two Stories

Ann Hood

Go On

Christian G. Appy


George O’Brien

Lighten Up

Graeme Wood

Go to the (Primary) Source

Dava Sobel

Make it Happen

Joshua Davis

Be Open to Surprise

Robert Hellenga

Show, Don’t Tell

M. G. Lord

The Art of the Sentence

Stanley Plumly

Write What You Know

S. C. Gwynne

Know What You Like—And What You Don’t

Diarmaid MacCulloch

Don’t Back Into Things

Jeremy Bernstein

Break the Rules

Ann Beattie

What I Talk About When I Try To Talk About the Most Important Writing Advice I Ever Received

David Huddle

A Scene of Instruction

Lee Upton

More Sober To Say

Ingrid D. Rowland

Goodbye, ! ! !

Owen Gingerich

“It’s Never Too Late”

Annette Gordon-Reed

Drawing to an Inside Straight

Robert Hahn

Cut, Cut, Cut

Wendy Smith

Against the Grain

Sheila Kohler

Bops and Dadgums

Ernest B. Furgurson

Inchoate Reaching in Heartfelt Darkness

Maud Casey

Seven Things Writers Can Learn from Stand-up Comedians

Ben Yagoda

All Writing is Reporting

Henry Wiencek

Advice You’ll Never Outgrow

Paul Elie

Keep Wonder Alive

Simon Winchester

Details, Please

Martha McPhee

Be Bold, Be Brave

Jeffrey Tayler

The Odd Couple

Brenda Wineapple

Writing like a Foreigner

Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough

Emily’s Pocket

Mary-Sherman Willis

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

Andrea Barrett

Writing Without Worry

Jill McCorkle

Letter to Ira Glass

Howard Norman

Bash It Out

Phyllis Rose

The Art of Elegant Simplicity

Michael Dirda

The Corner

Fergus M. Bordewich

To Feel and Keep the Eyes Open

Rachel Hadas

The 15-Second Rule

Lee Sandlin


Emily Bernard

Greater Freedom to Write

Sissela Bok

The Horse’s Mouth

Jill McCorkle

On Weirdness

Nathaniel Rich

Learning to Let It Happen

Neil Shea

Taking the Plunge

David Guterson

Literature as Lucha Libre

Paul Salopek

The Art of the Doorstep

Colum McCann

Start Off Dead

Dennis McFarland

The Family Trade

Robert Campbell

What I Learned and How I Learned It

Charles Bowden

My Best Advice

Bret Anthony Johnston

Meeting Bellow

Jerome Charyn

The Short-Story Writer’s Freedom

Edith Pearlman

Writing Means Rewriting

William S. McFeely

How a Poem Helped Me to Write Prose

James McConkey

The Zen of Short-Story Writing

Stephen Goodwin

The Best Advice for Biographers

Witold Rybczynski

Don’t Talk a Book Away; Just Write

Hampton Sides

The Best Foreign Language for Writers

Maxine Kumin

The Best Writing Advice I Ever Received

Pico Iyer