Next Line, Please

Good-For-You Chocolate


By David Lehman

July 19, 2016



To recap: for this week, we asked for a line that must end with a polysyllable such as “biology,” “faker,” “candidate,” “smart phone.” Options: the line can begin with a participle (“-ing”) or not; it can name a movie—or not.

The winning line is Angela Ball’s

You nosh on a slab of good-for-you chocolate, a victory for Woody.


Second place goes to Elizabeth Solsburg for

Wondering if you can join Jeff Daniels in the world of black-and-white


Elizabeth also deserves credit for this nominee:

Imagining Jeff Daniels might escape through your television


Kudos to Paul Michelsen, who liked both Angela’s line and Elizabeth’s “Wondering,” and so combined them:

You nosh on a slab of good-for-you chocolate, in the world of black and white


Paul also came up with this worthy candidate:

Thinking about forcing yourself out to see Café Society, surrounded by Philistines,


So here’s where we are:


Lucky You

Watching [The] Purple Rose of Cairo on the Independent Film Channel
You’re freed from all that’s tawdry, dull and real by using your control panel.

You nosh on a slab of good-for-you chocolate, a victory for Woody.


Now we need a rhyming line to complete stanza two of our poem in rhyming couplets. I’ll make it more specific: the line must end with “moody” or “hoodie.”

Let’s see how far we can take this idea. Great thanks to all participants.

Deadline: Saturday July 23, midnight any time zone.

David Lehman is a poet and the general editor of The Best American Poetry series. He teaches at The New School in New York City.

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