A Holiday Reading Roundup

Seven books published by the Scholar’s contributors in 2019

Germán Poo-Caamaño/Flickr

A number of writers who grace the Scholar’s masthead published new books in 2019. Among them:

A Wonderful Stroke of Luck: A Novel by Ann Beattie

A witty fiction about a prep-school boy dealing with the disjunctures and disappointments of growing into manhood.

Black Is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother’s Time, My Mother’s Time, and Mine by Emily Bernard

Twelve autobiographical essays, several of which we first published, shaped by the author’s growing up black in the South and being married to a white man as she teaches college in the North.

One Hundred Autobiographies: A Memoir by David Lehman

A series of brief meditations on life and literature, from a poet who is struggling with a life-threatening illness.

Landfall: A Novel by Thomas Mallon

This story of the George W. Bush presidency offers a large cast of both historical and fictional characters against the backdrop of Iraq and Hurricane Katrina.

Alfred Stieglitz: Taking Pictures, Making Painters by Phyllis Rose

The author of Parallel Lives renders, in this biography, a portrait of the photographer’s marriage to Georgia O’Keeffe and investigates his own art and his support of other artists, including his wife.

Self-Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race by Thomas Chatterton Williams

Williams tells the story of his own life as the product of a black father and a white mother, and as the husband of a white woman and father of essentially white children, uncovering as he goes the unsupportable foundations of our ideas about race.

The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation by Brenda Wineapple

Beyond telling the story of the first impeachment of an American president, this narrative history looks at how the country struggled over what the Civil War would mean.

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