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Subscription Information

If you have any questions regarding your subscription or about subscribing to the Scholar please call 800-821-4567.

For change of address, please call the 800 number or send an email to scholar [at] pbk [.] org with the complete information, including both the original and new addresses.

Writers Guidelines

The American Scholar is a magazine of articles and essays covering the humanities, science, and current events, plus works of fiction and poetry. Published quarterly for the general reader by the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the Scholar considers nonfiction by known and unknown writers; unsolicited fiction, poetry, and book reviews are not encouraged.

The typical Scholar article is about 4,000 words, although longer and shorter pieces are welcome. Contributors need not be scholars. We pay up to $500 for accepted pieces.

Although the Scholar accepts fewer than two percent of all unsolicited manuscripts, every issue includes unsolicited pieces, and one such article, “Genome Tome” by Priscilla Long, published in the Summer 2005 issue, won the National Magazine Award for feature writing. All submissions will be carefully reviewed, but responses may take several months.

Please note, we no longer accept paper or email submissions. If you would like us to consider your work,  CLICK HERE for our online submission system. We no longer accept fiction submissions.

Please send only one submission at a time.

Sample Issues

We suggest that you read the Scholar before submitting your work. We are unable to send sample copies of the Scholar to prospective contributors. Issues are $8.95 at newsstands and $9 from the Scholar office. Or buy a one-year digital subscription for $9.99.

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