Monday, July 06, 2015

The Daily Scholar

Reading Lessons Mondays

Writers reveal their favorite books

W. S. Merwin’s The Book of Fables

Wonder can matter more than statistics and facts

Neil Shea

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Epiphanies Fridays

Beer with Peter

In the spell of a great storyteller

Brian Doyle

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Neutral Ground Thursdays

Top Banana

When fruit was king

Wayne Curtis

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World of Wonders Wednesdays

Driven to Distraction

Can’t concentrate? You’re not alone.

Gaia Vince

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Next Line, Please Tuesdays

Unfinished Business

Angela Ball

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The Complete Writing Lessons

Poets, novelists, essayists, journalists, and scholars recall a piece of advice or an experience that was most helpful to their writing career.

The Complete Science Frictions

A blog about science by Priscilla Long, the author of The Writer’s Portable Mentor: A Guide to Art, Craft, and the Writing Life.

The Complete All Points

A blog about American culture by William Deresiewicz, author of the book Excellent Sheep, based on his beloved essay “The Disadvantages of an Elite Education.”

The Complete Psycho Babble

A blog about psycholinguistics by Jessica Love, a science writer and editor at Northwestern University.

The Complete ‘On Science’

A blog about the new, the odd, and the wonderful by Josie Glausiusz, who has written about every topic known to science, from physics to furry animals.

The Complete Class Notes

A blog about the art of teaching, with new posts each Tuesday by Paula Marantz Cohen, a novelist and distinguished professor of English at Drexel University.

Current Issue

Cover Story

The Examined Lie

A meditation on memory

James McWilliams

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Southern Exposure

Inspired by the structures and landscapes of rural Alabama, photographer William Christenberry has spun a narrative that is long, rich, and universal

Andy Grundberg

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Book Reviews

Boldly Going No More

The space shuttle program’s unheralded demise

Nathalie Lagerfeld

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My Mother’s Yiddish

The music of my childhood was a language filled with endearments and rebukes, and frequent misunderstandings

Phyllis Rose

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Net Gains

Nabokov's profitable summer chasing butterflies and settling scores in the Utah mountains

Robert Roper

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