Friday, April 28, 2017

The Daily Scholar

Full Disclosure Fridays

The New York literary life

Baldwin the Prophet vs. Baldwin the Writer

Can a film really capture the essence of both?

Phillip Lopate

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Measure by Measure Thursdays


A love of music should be nurtured from the start

Sudip Bose

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View from Rue Saint-Georges Wednesdays

Alien to Ourselves

Thomas Chatterton Williams

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Next Line, Please Tuesdays

Building on Byron and Keats

David Lehman

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Portrait of the Artist Mondays

Shonto Begay

Art as ceremony

Noelani Kirschner

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The history of the most awesome language ever

Ralph Keyes

Current Issue

Cover Story

A Brief History of Secession

Why Calexit might not be as crazy as you think

Richard Striner

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Book Reviews

Robocops and Robbers

Criminal justice in the age of digital spying and surveillance

Jill Leovy

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On Political Correctness

Power, class, and the new campus religion

William Deresiewicz

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Book Reviews

One Nation Under God

The contentious role of Christianity in politics

Dennis Covington

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Tuning Up

(Full Disclosure)

Conflicts, more or less of interest

Ann Beattie

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