Langdon Hammer

Langdon Hammer, the Niel Gray Jr. Professor of English at Yale, is the poetry editor of the Scholar and the author of James Merrill: Life and Art.

Florida Baroque

The tropical verse of Ange Mlinko

By Langdon Hammer | Monday June 3, 2024

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

Shades of grief in the verse of Catherine Barnett

By Langdon Hammer | Monday March 4, 2024

Song Gatherer

The ghostly Cantares Mexicanos, as rendered by Edgar Garcia

By Langdon Hammer | Monday December 4, 2023

Louise Glück at Midnight

Remembering the poet who craved a listener

By Langdon Hammer | Thursday October 19, 2023

A Quicksilver Maker

The worldly verse of Lorna Goodison

By Langdon Hammer | Tuesday September 5, 2023

In the Aftermath of Civil War

The art of observance in the lyrics of Vidyan Ravinthiran

By Langdon Hammer | Thursday June 1, 2023

Drunk on Dub

The new Caribbean sounds of Ishion Hutchinson

By Langdon Hammer | Wednesday March 1, 2023

Bearing Witness Beyond Despair

The art of dislocation in the verses of Wong May

By Langdon Hammer | Thursday December 1, 2022

Ways of Being

Intimations of living and dying in the lines of Forrest Gander

By Langdon Hammer | Thursday September 1, 2022

Stanzas From a Locked-Down World

Form, fragment, and memory in the lyrics of Terrance Hayes

By Langdon Hammer | Wednesday June 1, 2022

Karl Kirchwey's Forge of Love

By Langdon Hammer | Tuesday December 1, 2009

Openings into an Open Mind

By Langdon Hammer | Tuesday September 1, 2009

Gary Snyder's Long View

By Langdon Hammer | Monday June 1, 2009

Between Two Worlds: Rosanna Warren

By Langdon Hammer | Monday December 1, 2008

Apollo and Dionysus

By Langdon Hammer | Monday September 1, 2008

Louise Glück’s Italy of the Mind

By Langdon Hammer | Saturday September 1, 2007

The Mind at Work and Play

By Langdon Hammer | Thursday March 1, 2007

Conflict and Culture

By Langdon Hammer | Friday December 1, 2006


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