Point of Departure

Academics Anonymous

Paula Marantz Cohen

Eye of Newt

William Deresiewicz

Mr. Zinsser, I Presume

Michael Dirda

The Grammarian Was a He

Jessica Love

The Moon

Priscilla Long


Paula Marantz Cohen

The True Church

William Deresiewicz

Why I Don’t Give Tips on How to Write

William Zinsser

Living Outside History

Noel Polk

Lost Classics

Daniel Mendelsohn

An address delivered in 2009 to graduates in classics at UC Berkeley

Historians and Nature

Donald Worster

Writing English as a Second Language

William Zinsser

What’s Wrong (and Right) with Science Journalism

David Brown

Remarks to the University of Iowa on October 8, 2008, for the Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry

Extralocal History

Jared Farmer

Franklin in Paris

Stacy Schiff

Censorship in France

Hazel Rowley

America's Dark Page

Marcus Rediker

The Art of Surprise

Steve Vineberg

The Lessons of Likeness

Allan Gurganus