Autumn 2021

Cover Story

On Our Knees

What the history of a gesture can tell us about Black creative power

by Farah Peterson


The Bird That Sang I Am

Poems about the place where we belong

by Christian Wiman

Dark White

The caste status of Arabs in the United States and Germany

by Rosalie Metro

Whatever Happened to Frankie King?

A tale of Brooklyn, basketball, brothers, and madness

by Jay Neugeboren

A Prophet and a President

Why Black biography matters

by David Levering Lewis


Book Essay

At the Corner of Byron and Shelley

At the Corner of Byron and Shelley

Poetry and philhellenism at the Greek bicentennial

A. E. Stallings

Book Reviews

Touché-ing the Void

Touché-ing the Void

How can we live only to die?

John Kaag
Her Pages Caught Fire

Her Pages Caught Fire

A new biography of a ferociously talented and determined writer

Rosanna Warren
The Capital of Self-Reliance

The Capital of Self-Reliance

How a backwater became a philosophical powerhouse

Anne Matthews
Holding the Reigns

Holding the Reigns

Four queens condemned to live in interesting times

Ingrid Rowland
Poet of the Extreme

Poet of the Extreme

A noted novelist considers the life of an American master

Steven G. Kellman
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