A New Theory of the Universe

Biocentrism builds on quantum physics by putting life into the equation

by Robert Lanza

When 2+2=5

Can we begin to think about unexplained religious experiences in ways that acknowledge their existence?

by Robert Orsi

In Pursuit of Innocence

From the Spring 1953 issue of The Scholar

by Paul Sears

The Judge's Jokes

Shards of memory, for better or for worse, from my father the after-banquet speaker

by John Barth

The Apologist

The celebrated Austrian writer Peter Handke appeared at the funeral of Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. Should we forgive him?

by Michael McDonald

The Cook's Son

The death of a young man, long ago in Africa, continues to raise questions with no answers

by Frank Huyler

One Day in the Life of Melvin Jules Bukiet

A Manhattan writer runs afoul of the local penal system and lives to tell the tale

by Melvin Jules Bukiet


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Reality Revisited

Robert Wilson


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Caracas: Living Large on Oil

Alexandra Starr

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André Bernard

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War Weary

Wendy Smith

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Happy Talk

Wayne Curtis

The Impulse to Exclude

Phyllis Rose


Richard Restak

An Epic in Flux

Sudip Bose

Design Problem

Mary Beth Saffo


North of Ordinary

John Rolfe Gardiner

Plum Creek

Laura Furman


The Mind at Work and Play

Langdon Hammer

Five Poems

John Hollander


What Happened to the Social Agenda?

Leading modernist architects once wanted to improve the lives of everyday people; now they hope to astonish and amuse their elite clients

Nathan Glazer

Globalization and Its Discontents

The directors of movies Babel and Caché tell complex stories of families caught in ever-expanding worlds

Richard Locke

Tuning Up