Cover Story

A Vacuum at the Center

How a demagogue resembles a typhoon, and why it matters to the future of the republic

by W. Robert Connor


Courage Before the Thaw

Portraits of Alaskan women on the precipice of climate change

by Miranda Weiss

The Privilege Predicament

Yes, advantage exists, but has the promiscuous casting of blame enhanced the work of understanding?

by Robert Boyers

Of a Fire on the Marsh

The last days of the dusky seaside sparrow, a species that went extinct when it lost out to the moon race

by Parker Bauer

When Death Came to Golden

A writer’s strange entanglement with one of the 20th century’s most prolific serial killers

by Kristen Iversen

What Is a Dog?

Friendship, faith, and love, for starters—yet our relationships with our canine companions contain many more unfathomable mysteries

by Chloe Shaw


Editor's Note


Robert Wilson

Letters From …

Raja Ampat: Seas of Change

Greg Wrenn

American Places


Kimo Nelson

Works in Progress

Where the Livin’ Is Easy

Noelani Kirschner

Rivers Run Through Us

Martin Doyle

Educating Lillian

Kevin Wilson

Ships of Pearl

Tom Bentley

Enviably Green

Charlotte Salley

The Color of Faith

Elyse Graham

Commonplace Book

Spring 2018

Anne Matthews

Book Reviews

Shadow Warriors

Karen J. Greenberg

Where the Sun Never Set

Paul Kennedy

Literary Life on the Rocks

Domenica Ruta

A Planet in Peril

David Gessner

A Window on Europe

Gary Saul Morson

A Fallen Angel of Mercy

Michela Wrong



“Some things you could make happen, but life was made up mostly of things that happened to you, and even that didn’t account for the way fractured lives somehow held together.”

Bobbie Ann Mason


A Blessing and a Curse

Langdon Hammer

Radiation Days

J. D. McClatchy


Galleries of the World

An interview with the Met’s Daniel H. Weiss

Robert J. Bliwise

Going Dutch

In these relentlessly disruptive times, 17th-century canvases from the Netherlands can provide moments of solace and hope

Jason Wilson

Tuning Up

Haste Makes Waste

Which figures of speech will survive, and which will vanish?

Edward Hoagland