Summer 2013 Issue


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Robert Wilson


Responses to Our Spring 2013 Issue

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Letters From …

Vienna: Selective Amnesia
Subscription Required

Alice Miller

Works in Progress

Megaliths by a Polymath

Tom Bentley

A Delicate HIV Balance

Emily Ochoa

In Light of the Enlightenment

John V. Fleming

International Men of Mystery

Jessica Wilde

More Libraries Than Carnegie

Sasha Ingber

Fracking Sleuths Apply DNA

Leah Jacobs

Head in the Clouds

Jennifer Henderson

Small Slice of the Big Easy

Chloe Taft

Tuning Up

Father’s Day

Stephen Goodwin

Commonplace Book


Anne Matthews

Book Essay

Hannah Arendt on Trial

Daniel Maier-Katkin and Nathan Stoltzfus

Book Reviews

The Bombmaker’s Burden

Shirley Streshinsky

Say Anything

Jennifer Sinor

Bad Medicine

Alison Bass

True North

Fergus M. Bordewich

Out of Africa

Graeme Wood

Science, Right and Wrong

Sam Kean


Laughter and the Brain

Richard Restak

Can humor help us better understand the most complex and enigmatic organ in the human body?

Ladies Last

Brenda Wineapple

After the Civil War, both women and black men struggled to win the vote. Why the men succeeded

Park of Ages

Amanda Foreman

Far more than just an urban retreat, Hyde Park is a living archive of British culture and history

Playing at Violence

Pacifique Irankunda

Having grown up amid the horrors of Burundi’s civil war, a young man is bewildered by the American lust for warlike video games

Intimacy With the Inevitable

William Harless

A doctor’s journey, from student to resident to consoler of the dying

At Sixty-Five

Emily Fox Gordon

After the excesses of youth and terrors of middle age, a writer faces the contingencies of being old



Nathaniel Rich


Ralph Lombreglia

The campus of the future is a strange, unsettling place


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Rachel Hadas

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Karl Kirchwey

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Spencer Reece


Musical Chairs

Janet Frank

A veteran cellist with the National Symphony takes a close look at the entrances and exits of world-famous conductors