Winter 2006


The Dispossessed

First we stopped noticing members of the working class, and now we're convinced they don’t exist

by William Deresiewicz

The New Anti-Semitism

First religion, then race, then what?

by Bernard Lewis

My Holocaust Problem

If we cannot speak of it—though speak of it we must—how do we remember what happened to the Jews of Europe?

by Arthur Krystal

Palladio in the Rough

A South Carolinian builds classical revival houses that really look old

by Witold Rybczynski

Fadeaway Jumper

A Sunday-afternoon player of a certain age says his farewell to basketball

by Mark Edmundson

Flat Time

The ebb and flow of life in a Newfoundland fishing village

by Robert Finch

Buster Brown's America

How a Jew from Slovakia became a Catholic from Manhattan, then fell from grace and turned into a real American

by Jiri Wyatt

A Visit to Esperantoland

The natives want you to learn their invented language as a step toward world harmony. Who are these people?

by Arika Okrent

The Lieutenant

Inept in the art of warfare, this volunteer soldier succeeded on a different field

by Brian Doyle


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Robert Wilson


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Letter From …

Mae La: An Eden with Barbed Wire

David Summers


The Bomb in the Sanctuary

Langdon Hammer

Seven Poems

Michael Longley

Boy Shooting at a Statue

Billy Collins

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André Bernard

Book Reviews

A Man in It

Lincoln’s Lieutenants

Garry Wills

Darwin's Greatest Discovery

The complex designs of living things need not imply a designer

Francisco J. Ayala

A Cold Eye on the Cold War

How we avoided Armageddon

Stephen J. Whifield


Sarah L. Courteau

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Andrew Starner

Eminent Domain

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