Memo from the Beach Behind the Hockey Rink

Things seen and noted

Miranda Weiss
Miranda Weiss


Blue tarp: unwoven, partially buried

Foam insulation: orange, plywood backing

Metal door: about eight feet high, with latch

Bottle cap: yellow

Sheet metal: foot-long, rusty, crumpled

Stroller wheel: double, white

Dimensional lumber: two-by-six, about eight inches long

Shotgun shell hull: Remington, Sportsman Steel, 1¼-2 oz.

Cherry Coke can: red tinting gone, black and silver

Long-sleeved shirt: gray, ripped, “Shadow” brand

Bud Light can: crushed

Nylon line: yellow, about five inches long

Paint can: rusted and degraded; just bottom, handle, and seam remaining

Milk jug ring: blue

Water bottle: cap on, no label

Styrofoam cup: crushed and cracked

Plastic ring: about three inches in diameter

Six-pack holder

Bottle of Pevaryl: one percent solution, French language label, no top

Yoplait cup: lemon flavor, flattened

Plastic rod: white, about two feet long

Ziploc bag: torn

Steel cable: about eight feet in length

Truck tire: Aurora brand, bald

Kashi granola bar wrapper: cherry, dark chocolate

Taillight cover: red

Fishing line: tangled

Plastic grocery bag: True Value brand

Cigarette filter

Rebar: about 10-foot-long section, bent

Orange flagging: six-inch section, faded

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Miranda Weiss is a science and nature writer. The author of Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska, she also wrote the Northern Lights blog for our website.


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