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A blog about the stories that nourish and sustain us, and the small miracles of everyday life. Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland magazine and the author of numerous books, most recently the novel The Plover.

The occasional diary of an American graduate student in England

Reading Lessons

Each Monday a poet, a novelist, an essayist, a journalist, or a scholar names a book they prize above all others and tells us why.

Next Line, Please

Each week, our readers contribute a new line of verse—or a completed poem—in collaboration with a renowned poet.

Deep in the Heart

A journalist ponders where he’s been, where he is, and where he’s going. Dennis Covington is the author of six books, including Salvation on Sand Mountain, a finalist for the National Book Award. His most recent book is Revelation: A Search for Faith in a Violent Religious World.

Recent Posts

The Old Home Place

For many members of my family, it was a mental institution Read More

Piercing the Veil
Coming Home
Happy All the Time
Leaving Alabama


Life in Transition

A blog about a person, and a culture, in flux. Diana Goetsch (formerly Douglas Goetsch) is a poet and freelance teacher of writing. Her latest book is Nameless Boy.

Sound Mind

Every month, James McWilliams reviews the best educational podcasts, covering everything you missed in college.

Psycho Babble

A blog about psycholinguistics with posts each Thursday by Jessica Love, a psychologist and science writer at Northwestern University. Her most recent article “Reading Fast and Slow” appeared in our Spring 2012 issue.


On Science

A blog about the new, the odd, and the wonderful, with posts each Wednesday by Josie Glausiusz, who has written about every topic known to science, from physics to furry animals, for magazines that include Nature, National Geographic, Discover, and Wired. She is the co-author of Buzz: The Intimate Bond Between Humans and Insects.

Recent Posts

So More Can Live

With a little money and basic care, more mothers and babies could survive. Read More

Thanks for the Gratitude
Making of the Moon
Selfie Defense
Underserved in Health Care
To Be Young, Male, and Black


Writing Lessons

Each Monday a poet, a novelist, an essayist, a journalist, or a scholar recalls a piece of advice or an experience that was most helpful to their writing career.

Detroit: Summer of 2017

A blog about the changing face of the Motor City by essayist Laura Bernstein-Machlay, who teaches literature and creative writing at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and is the author of a forthcoming book called Travelers.

Recent Posts

Urban Wild

In slowly gentrifying Detroit, you might see a fox, or even a coyote, but where have all the stray dogs gone? Read More

Driving Toward the Breach
The Grand Army of the Republic
The Little Aquarium That Could
80,000 Squirrels on My Block Alone
Thriving and Striving



A blog about the odd pleasures of the bookish life, with new posts each Friday by Michael Dirda, the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic with the Washington Post and the author of several books, including An Open Book and On Conan Doyle.


Northern Lights

A blog about the wonders and challenges of living in Homer, Alaska, by Miranda Weiss, the author of Tide, Feather, Snow: A Life in Alaska.

Class Notes

A blog about the art of teaching, with new posts each Tuesday by Paula Marantz Cohen, a distinguished professor of English at Drexel University and the author of the novels Jane Austen in Scarsdale or Love, Death and the SATs and What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Tale of Henry James and Jack the Ripper.

Full Disclosure

A blog about the New York literary life by Phillip Lopate, celebrated essayist, director of Columbia University’s nonfiction program, editor of The Art of the Personal Essay, and author of Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body, and To Show and to Tell, among other books.

Measure by Measure

A blog about classical music from Sudip Bose, the Scholar’s managing editor.

View from Rue Saint-Georges

A blog about expatriate life in Paris. Thomas Chatterton Williams is the author of a memoir, Losing My Cool. He is at work on a book about how we define race in America, told through his own experience of growing up with a white mother and black father, and of raising a blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter in France.

Recent Posts

Reaching Out

The best way to escape our current political predicament is to keep talking Read More

You Must Be Joking
Language Unbound
On the Turning Away
License to Chill
Existential Split
Too Much of a Good Thing


Neutral Ground


A blog about the city of New Orleans as the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches. New Orleans resident Wayne Curtis is the author of The Last Great Walk and And a Bottle of Rum.

All Points

A blog about American culture, with new posts each Monday by William DeresiewiczExcellent Sheep: Thinking for Yourself, Inventing Your Life, and Other Things the Ivy League Won’t Teach You will be out next year.



Teaching Lessons

Each Monday, a different guest columnist recalls the wisdom of a favorite teacher or mentor who helped them better understand themselves, their work, or their place in the universe.