David Lehman

David Lehman, a contributing editor of the Scholar, is a poet, critic, and the general editor of The Best American Poetry annual anthology and author of the book One Hundred Autobiographies. He currently writes our Talking Pictures column.

No R

Kaminsky knows how to survive in the business: start a magazine that almost nobody can understand, and become the darling of the academy

By David Lehman | Monday June 18, 2012

Why I Love You

By David Lehman | Friday June 3, 2011

Brush Up Your Berlin

And beware of kiss-me-I’m-poetical junk

By David Lehman | Tuesday September 1, 2009

Exit No Exit

Whatever happened to existentialism?

By David Lehman | Saturday March 1, 2008

Tunneling to Freedom

By David Lehman | Thursday June 6, 2024

Homage to the Uncanny

By David Lehman | Thursday February 29, 2024

How Well Do You Know Your Hitchcock?

By David Lehman | Friday January 19, 2024

“Mr. Lucky” Didn’t Know Who He Was

By David Lehman | Thursday September 28, 2023

Brilliant Carnage

By David Lehman | Thursday February 23, 2023

What Hath Gable Got?

By David Lehman | Monday November 28, 2022

The Allure of the Enigmatic

By David Lehman | Thursday August 25, 2022

Famous Last Lines

By David Lehman | Thursday July 21, 2022

The Last Cigarette

By David Lehman | Saturday May 14, 2022

The Plot to Kill de Gaulle

By David Lehman | Saturday March 5, 2022


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