Next Line, Please

Each week, our readers contribute a new line of verse—or a completed poem—in collaboration with a renowned poet.


The Lehman Trilogy

Red Eyes and Blue Moons

Two-Word Titles

The Trope of a Nation

Reverse Scrabble

This Was Glory, Too

Stanzaic Choreography

Doubling Down

Beneath a Blood Wolf Moon


A Valediction, Forbidding Mourning

Poetry Noir

Get Hurt—or Go Back to Work

Chalk outline of a body

Starting With the End

Two rings

The Marriage Equation

A picture of a statue of a man standing on a globe

Patricians and Peasants

Two birds on a wire

Updike on Couples

Person walking down stairs, black and white photo

Nine-Line Stanzas

Black and white "walk" sign



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