Tennis, Anyone?

Obsession and regression

Memories of Jazz Nights

You needed stamina, but the payoff was great

Valentines Past

If only I’d had the nerve …

On the Death of Friendship

Nothing lasts forever

On Keeping a Blog

A Farewell

A Visit to Harvard

And a surprise encounter with Dr. Johnson

Remembering Cynthia Macdonald

Poet, teacher, opera singer, psychoanalyst, and friend

Marrying a Widow

Or, my spectral predecessor

Baldwin the Prophet vs. Baldwin the Writer

Can a film really capture the essence of both?

Listening to Dinah

The complexity of “Don’t Explain”

Celebrity Profiles

Why I gave them up

Report from Hong Kong

30 films, two days, and the inevitable breaking out in song

Robert Silvers

In memoriam

The Eros of Teaching

Bonds formed and broken

A Quick Tour of India

Taking it all in, and taking it all back

Indian Wedding

Seinfeld had nothing on this

Resisting Mr. T****

Or, the art of the boast

Swimming in the Salmon Stream

The AWP convention

Valentines Past

If only I’d had the nerve …

On Being Popular and Well-Liked

The subject that makes me most nervous as a writer


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