If It Talks Like the Truth

Speech in Action

Nailing It

Aliens in the Mind

The Lion, the Yurt, and the Xbox

The Elephant in the Room

Parse This

Tyler Is Setting Up a Tent

When the Upshot Is a Downer

This Column Needs Edited

Magic Fingers

Do baby sign language courses really work?

What Makes Hemingway Hemingway?

On the psychology of artistic style

On Expecting Things to Fall Apart

We understand entropy surprisingly early in life

Limericks That Leave You Hanging

When we expect to hear a rhyme and don’t

Tuesdays with Siri

How to Talk Shakespeare

Headless Bear Walks Up to Woman; Awesomeness Ensues

The search for the perfect title

When Nouns Verb Oddly

Verb meanings are slipperier than noun meanings

Are Our Screams, Sighs, and Giggles Universal?

Two studies suggest yes and no

Don’t Mock the Monocle (A Webcomic)

On our unspoken preferences for ordering adjectives


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