Cover Story

Opioids and Paternalism

To help end the crisis, both doctors and patients need to find a new way to think about pain

by David Brown


Still Wilderness

What are we feeling when we are feeling joy? And where inside us does that feeling reside?

by Christian Wiman

Against Solidarity

As a writer, with a writer’s chronic need for detachment, I have avoided the ideology of gender

by Emily Fox Gordon

Urban Wild

In slowly gentrifying Detroit, you might see a fox, or even a coyote, but where have all the stray dogs gone?

by Laura Bernstein-Machlay

A Jane Austen Kind of Guy

I get it that women find my affinity for their writer intrusive, but her world has much to offer men, too

by William Deresiewicz


Editor's Note

Monuments to What?

Robert Wilson

Letter From …

Israel: Occupational Hazards

Feisal G. Mohamed

Tuning Up

“How Bad Is Your Pain?”

Raj Telhan

Commonplace Book

Autumn 2017

Anne Matthews

American Places

Up and Down

James Michalopoulos


At Home in Baltimore

Langdon Hammer

Four Poems

Andrew Motion

Works in Progress

A Bronx Tale

Sarah Blesener

Listen Up

Celeste Headlee

Glimpses of Home

Nathalie Lagerfeld

Out of the Woods?

Noelani Kirschner

Banking on America

Daniel Schulman

Mind Games

Charlotte Salley


Decommissioning Lee

The controversial removal of a prominent New Orleans statue

Wayne Curtis

The Price Isn’t Right

Premium ticket costs mean that Broadway shows are increasingly the province of tourists with deep pockets

Wendy Smith

Book Essay

A Dream of a Writer

Peter Taylor’s stories reveal an artist immersed in the quotidian who rose to the complexities of the heart and psyche

Ann Beattie

Book Reviews

Wave of Anguish

Could disobedience have saved a group of Japanese students?

Adam Hochschild

Metropolis Rising

How the Big Apple took its place among the world’s great cities

Brooke Kroeger

Antiquarian Dreams

Sometimes it’s okay to judge history by its cover

Helen Hazen

Running With the Pack

On one of the most successful ecological experiments of all time

Verlyn Klinkenborg

Feast of Eden

A look at humanity’s most famous star-crossed couple

Sarah Ruden

The Doctor’s Discontents

A harshly critical new biography of the father of psychotherapy

Mark Edmundson