Spring 2005


Roosevelt Redux

Robert M. Ball and the battle for Social Security

by Thomas N. Bethell

End Game

The elderly are entitled to what they have earned

by Amitai Etzioni

All About Eve

What men have thought about women thinking

by Cynthia Russett

A Long Cold View of History

How ice, worms, and dirt made us what we are today

by Donald Worster


Is there a genetic predisposition to sing Streisand on street corners?

by Michelle Herman

Socrates' Mistake

The philosopher's view of knowledge—forever demanding explanations, justifications, definitions, and criteria—is fantasy, and a dangerous fantasy

by George Watson

A Standard Oil Childhood

Oil refeneries, sand dunes, and other objects of beauty and affection

by Thomas H. Rogers

The Big Roundup

John Lomax roamed the West, collecting classic songs from the cowboy era

by Ted Gioia



Response to Our Winter Issue

Our Readers

Letter From …

Kiev: On Independence Square

Adrian Karatnycky


The Salome Factor

William Deresiewicz

A Few Good Buildings

Stanley Abercrombie

Miller's Tale

Wendy Smith


Invisible Things

Langdon Hammer

Commonplace Book


André Bernard

Book Essay

Leading Men

Leading Men

Authorities on the Revolutionary era say how the Founding Fathers became culture heroes.

Anne Matthews

Celestial Jukebox

The paradox of intellectual property

Siva Vaidhyanathan

Book Reviews

What Is It Good For?

How the American military went from defense to offense

James Webb

Battle of Anacostia

The bonus army and its unexpected legacy

Robert S. McElvaine