Spring 2014 Issue


Editor's Note

On the Farm

Robert Wilson


Responses to our Winter 2014 Issue

Our readers

Letters From …

Letter from Maasailand: Seeds of Change

David McDannald

Works in Progress

Big Man in Tiny Houses

Tom Bentley

Stellar Debate

Jennifer Henderson

The Sobering Cyber Future

P. W. Singer and Allan Friedman

Cure for Helmet Hair?

Vicki Valosik

Eight Hours a Slave

Chloe Taft

Very Cold Storage

Emily Ochoa

Secrets of Dragonflies

Sasha Ingber

Tuning Up

The Ginger Boy

Brian Doyle

Commonplace Book


Anne Matthews

Book Essay

Looking Back, Warily, But With Affection

David Guterson

Book Reviews

The Bard of Suburbia

Robert Wilson

19th Nervous Breakdown

Gary Greenberg

A Danger to Ourselves

Mary Beth Saffo

Whores de Combat

Charles Trueheart

The Fabulist

Robert Zaretsky

Ready to Be Free

Louis P. Masur

An Irascible Artist

Eleanor Jones Harvey

Back Talk

Pardon My French

Ralph Keyes


Loving Animals to Death

James McWilliams

How can we raise them humanely and then butcher them?

What Killed My Sister?

Priscilla Long

The answer—schizophrenia—only leads to more perplexing questions

On Loneliness

Edward Hoagland

We value our solitude until it pinches

The Making of PoBiz Farm

Maxine Kumin

After it became our permanent home, we overfilled it with overloved horses and dogs

The Presence of Absence

Bethany Vaccaro

Our losses give vitality to our lives

A Whole Day Nearer Now

Doris Grumbach

But all life’s passion not quite spent


Tatiana & T. S. Eliot

Jerome Charyn


Plangent Encounters

Langdon Hammer

Two Poems

Charles Baudelaire

Translated by David Lehman

Two Poems

David Lehman

Sky Ghazaal
Subscription Required

Robin Magowan


Realism With a Heart

Richard Locke

The Dardenne brothers bring an idiosyncratic sympathy to their portrayals of Belgian lowlifes