Cover Story

Where Are the People?

Evangelical Christianity in America is losing its power—what happened to Orange County’s Crystal Cathedral shows why

by Jim Hinch


My Kingdom for a Wave

If your life as a public intellectual takes you to the highest crests, be prepared for the troughs that follow

by Amitai Etzioni

My Friend Melanie Has Breast Cancer

How it might have happened, and why we are looking in the wrong places to prevent similar cases

by Anna Blackmon Moore

Homeless in the City

A writer describes the decade he has spent living on the streets

by Theodore Walther

Our Farm, My Inspiration

How a weekend getaway became a poet’s muse

by Maxine Kumin


My many mentors at Oxford, from Lincoln College to All Souls, linger like spirits in the mind

by Paul West

Eric Rohmer and Me

What a classic film from the French new wave taught me about the illusions of my youth

by André Aciman


Letter From …

Letter from Benghazi: After the Revolution

Clare Morgana Gillis

Tuning Up

Night Train to Gijón

Clellan Coe

Commonplace Book


Anne Matthews


Handsome Boy

Dennis McFarland

The News of the World

Mario Rigoni Stern


Creative Paralysis

Langdon Hammer

Two Poems

Louise Glück

Works in Progress

Strings Attached

Chloe Taft

Big Time

Tom Bentley

From Superman to Everyman

Vicki Valosik

Once and Future Warfare

Ian Morris

Plum Local

Leah Jacobs

More Than Meets the Eye

Emily Ochoa

Here’s Looking at You

Sasha Ingber

Back Talk

Lingua Americana

Ralph Keyes


Incident at Mittersill

A new opera explores the mysterious death of the composer Anton Webern

Sudip Bose

Book Essay

The Novels Don’t Change, But We Do

Rereading those works that matter to us proves that books read us even as we read them

Wendy Smith

Book Reviews

The Best Course

A beloved professor’s long shadow

Michael Dirda

The After-War

Some wounds don’t bleed

Neil Shea

Dean of Satire

A writer's many masks

George O’Brien

Abolition Gone Wrong

Despite good intentions, some opponents of the Atlantic slave trade caused more harm

Fergus M. Bordewich

Ministry of Talent

JFK’s thousand days of crisis

Ernest B. Furgurson