Bobbie Ann Mason

“Some things you could make happen, but life was made up mostly of things that happened to you, and even that didn’t account for the way fractured lives somehow held together.”

We Run

Valerie Martin

“Where did we think we were going?”

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Maud Casey


Ralph Lombreglia

When a New York neighborhood secedes, a veteran rockstar finds himself on the outs


Dennis McFarland

Come, Labor On

Tom Jenks

The Accident

Jean McGarry

On market day in the village, two lives are about to collide

All Her Names

Kali Fajardo-Anstine

Under the Lid

Idra Novey

Amid the the terrors of Pinochet’s Chile, a scornful witch exacts her haunting revenge

Real Papa

Onyinye Ihezukwu

N Judah

Robert Cohen

A Diptych Translated from Scratch

Mark Budman

River Song

Sydney Blair

At the Executioner’s Table

Julie Schumacher

The Way of the World

Craig Nova


Hannah Pittard

Tatiana & T. S. Eliot

Jerome Charyn

Handsome Boy

Dennis McFarland

The News of the World

Mario Rigoni Stern


David Guterson

Giving Good Advice

George Bradley

Everybody ought to have a hobby, even busy people like lawyers—Patty Pierson’s hobby was sex


Nathaniel Rich


Ralph Lombreglia

The campus of the future is a strange, unsettling place

The Sugar Road

Roberta Silman

George has never spoken a word. He's not like other boys. What risk is there in trying to unlock the secrets of his silence?

Sure, Fine

Emma Duffy-Comparone


Dennis McFarland


James Conaway

All he wanted was to work his land in peace, never knowing that what mattered most to him was about to be taken away

Wait and See

Edith Pearlman


David Huddle

We Shall Go to Her, But She Will Not Return to Us

Thisbe Nissen

The prodigal daughter comes home

At Boquillas

Ben Stroud

Archy and Mehitabel

Jerome Charyn


Nathaniel Rich

Who really killed Abdur, an Afghan goatherd-turned-informant?

Tom, Dick, and Pat

Thomas Mallon

S. faux

Edith Pearlman

The metamorphosis of an unusual love

The Piñata

David Rowell

An unexpected act of violence at a children’s party in the suburbs


David Guterson

A fledgling romance in the Washington mountains, and another, doomed love affair that cannot be forgotten

Mountain People

Ralph Lombreglia

The perils of stealing on Christmas day …

Virgin Summer

John Rolfe Gardiner

We Were Angry

Jennifer S. Davis

A woman’s disappearance roils an insular southern town

Joint Ventures

Kate Sullivan

An American in Hong Kong, lonely amid the masses

The Games Room

Nadine Gordimer


Cristina Henríquez

A return to Panama and a life left behind

The Illuminationist

Hooman Majd

Everyone has faith, but who are the real believers?


Jerome Charyn


Josh Emmons

Snow White

Antonya Nelson


Bret Anthony Johnston

(for Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”)

Midnight, Tuesday

Alix Ohlin

High on a Hill

David Huddle

A Series of Photographs Against a White Curtain

Maud Casey

The Gypsy Chooses the Whatever Card

Ann Beattie

The New Generation

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The posthumous tale of a Russian professor’s nightmarish encounter with a former student


Roxana Robinson


Lily Tuck


Ralph Lombreglia

Ground Rule

Patricia Volk

Without Wendy

Roberta Silman

Promises, Promises

Joseph O'Neill

The Art of Human Surveillance

Bradford Tice

Making Good

Lore Segal

Happy with Crocodiles

Jim Shepard

Me and Big Foot

Jill McCorkle

The Leap

Roxana Robinson

The House at Belle Fontaine

Lily Tuck

Tamarack State

Andrea Barrett

North of Ordinary

John Rolfe Gardiner

Plum Creek

Laura Furman


Ann Beattie

Cowboys and Indians

Louis Begley

The Preacher’s Wife

Dennis McFarland