All Eyes on the Eyes

On the many powers of visual contact

Depends on How You Tell It

On the psychology of narrative style

For to Sound Folksy

What do we know about this odd, antiquated construction?

As an Aside (Webcomic #8)

On processing parentheticals

Nap Your Way to a Bigger Vocabulary?

On word learning and sleep

Describing a Visual World Without Vision

On blindness and language

Ethics Across Borders

On shifting values and Facebook’s big misstep

The Power of Um

On putting speech disfluencies to work

Anthropomorphic Trees (Webcomic #7)

What’s that book teaching your child?

I Say Shutout, You Say Clean Sheet

What happens to our speech when we watch international soccer

Magic Fingers

Do baby sign language courses really work?

What Makes Hemingway Hemingway?

On the psychology of artistic style

On Expecting Things to Fall Apart

We understand entropy surprisingly early in life

Limericks That Leave You Hanging

When we expect to hear a rhyme and don’t

Tuesdays with Siri

How to Talk Shakespeare

Headless Bear Walks Up to Woman; Awesomeness Ensues

The search for the perfect title

When Nouns Verb Oddly

Verb meanings are slipperier than noun meanings

Are Our Screams, Sighs, and Giggles Universal?

Two studies suggest yes and no

Don’t Mock the Monocle (A Webcomic)

On our unspoken preferences for ordering adjectives


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