Joyas Voladoras

Brian Doyle, who died on May 27, 2017, considers the capacity of the heart—including his own. Rest in peace.

by Brian Doyle


by Nicholson Baker

Here’s Looking at You

by Arthur Krystal

Love in a Box

by Andrew Hudgins

An Oil on Canvas

by John Updike

Reaching Point Comfort

by Adam Goodheart

Un Clown Biologique

by Carlo Rotella

The Founder of Empires

by D. Graham Burnett

On the Bus

by Vivian Gornick

The Class Egoist

by David Michaelis

Ye New Corporate Model

by David Levering Lewis

Crossing Over

by David Samuels


by Vijay Sheshadri

Moving On

by Franklin Burroughs


by Soraya van Dillen

In Praise of Doodling

by Matthew Battles

The Celestial Rolodex

by Jonathan Rosen

Out on the Island

by Tim Morris

Nurture for the Damn Ego

by James McConkey

Traveling without a Camera

by Catharine R. Stimpson

Momigliano at the Warburg

by Anthony Grafton

Against Work

by Christopher Clausen

Stable and Salon

by Frederick Busch

Dining with Robots

by Ellen Ullman

Journal: Vermont

by Edward Hoagland

Being Oversouls Together

by Rebecca Pepper Sinkler


Editor's Note

The Thanksgiving Table

Anne Fadiman

Commonplace Book

Taking Leave

André Bernard


Costanza Bonarelli

Mary Jo Salter

South of Ronda

Philip Levine

Tucson Birthday

John Updike

A Congo Funeral

David Wagoner

No Color

Rita Dove


Michael S. Harper

The Beaver

Margaret Ryan

I Was Asleep

Kate Barnes


Book Essay

Unraveling Ariadne’s Thread

Pico Iyer

Modernism and Mastery

Sven Birkerts

Book Reviews

Something That Was Us

Katherine Ashenburg

Living It

Adam Kirsch

Being Oversouls Together

Rebecca Pepper Sinkler