Autumn 2006


Getting It All Wrong

The proponents of Theory and Cultural Critique could learn a thing or two from bioculture

by Brian Boyd

Lincoln the Persuader

Seeking to get people behind his policies, he made himself the best writer for all our presidents

by Douglas L. Wilson

The Man Who Loved Languages

A scholar with the ability and audacity to rebuild the Tower of Babel died a year ago, but his controversial project lives on

by Richard B. Woodward

My Mother’s Body

Just remembering her is not enough; resurrecting her is the ultimate goal

by Mary Gordon

Tomorrow Is Another Day

An Ethiopian student survives a brutal imprisonment by translating Gone with the Wind into his native tongue

by Carol Huang

Saratoga Bill

He bet cautiously at the track, but elsewhere he was drawn to those with the odds stacked against them

by Zachary Sklar