Autumn 2012

Cover Story

The Clintons Up Close

A friendship between two couples yields insights into a presidency and a marriage

by Jane Warwick Yoder and Edwin M. Yoder Jr.


Too Big to Fail and Too Risky to Exist

Four years after the 2008 financial crisis, banks are behaving more recklessly than ever

by William J. Quirk

Liberty Is a Slow Fruit

Lincoln the deliberate emancipator

by Louis P. Masur

Mortify Our Wolves

The struggle back to life and faith in the face of pain and the certainty of death

by Christian Wiman

Love in Wartime

The epistolary romance of a Los Alamos scientist and a Radcliffe junior destined for poetic renown

by Maxine Kumin

Letter to Posterity

A passion for philosophy led me to my first career, and a passion for art led me to a second, as a critic

by Arthur C. Danto


Book Essay

Prince of Poets

Mahmoud Darwish was the voice of the Palestinian people—chronicling not just the struggles and political injustices, but also the rhythms of daily life

David J. Wasserstein

Book Reviews

Confounding Father

Confounding Father

Thomas Jefferson and the economics of slavery

T. H. Breen
Questions of Being

Questions of Being

What if our minds are the ultimate reality?

Jay Tolson
Kerouac in His Own Words

Kerouac in His Own Words

An old friend explores his search for a new approach to the novel

Deborah Baker
A Monster at Large

A Monster at Large

Crime, politics, and the vagaries of Japanese justice

James Fallows
Golden Rules

Golden Rules

Wealth and culture in early Christian times

Sarah Ruden