Cover Story

Stress Test for Free Speech

Social media are destroying the democratic culture that the First Amendment is meant to protect

by Lincoln Caplan


Finding Time

Geochronologists establish precise Dates for events that occurred eons ago

by Michael W. Robbins

Dangerous Ground

When confronting matters of race, some boundaries are more easily breached than others

by David Gessner

Present Tense

Even in this interminable drugstore line, my daughter’s last summer before college is slipping by far too quickly

by Laura Bernstein-Machlay

My Family’s Siberian Exile

A writer pieces together the forgotten history of life in Stalin’s special settlements

by Megan Buskey

The End of Literature

Even If writing is reduced to tweeted epigrams to keep readers reading, won’t writers still tell stories?

by Robert Coover


Editor's Note


Robert Wilson

Letters From …

Burma: The Lady and the Monk

William Lychack

American Places

Summersville Lake

Lynn Boggess

Works in Progress

When the Well Runs Dry

Noelani Kirschner

A Stinging Decline

Thor Hanson

Neighborhood Watch

Elyse Graham

Citizenship Prep

Clara Cushing

The Grape Escape

Noelani Kirschner

News or Not?

Marcus Banks

Commonplace Book

Autumn 2018

Anne Matthews

Book Essay

Bringing In the Horse

Mary Lefkowitz

Book Reviews

The Loyal Opposition

Richard Moe

A Poet in Purgatory

Sandra M. Gilbert

The Runaway Question

Louis P. Masur

The House for the Soul

Raj Telhan

Lives of the Artists

Meryle Secrest

A Proximity to Greatness

Jerome Charyn


I Live for the Night

How to lose your drums and get them back

Ralph Lombreglia

Fit the Description

A famous photojournalist crashes a lunch date; hijinks ensue

Jack Pendarvis


Four Poems

“On Vacation,” “Stonehenge Sandwich,” “Creazzo Alto,” and “Orvieto Classico”

Henry Sloss


Visual Music

Is it possible to “hear” a painting as if it were a fugue by Bach?

Lincoln Perry

Tuning Up

Her Too

A daughter calculates the cost of her mother’s electrical career

Johanna Droubay