Winter 2015 Issue


Editor's Note

All Wrapped Up

Robert Wilson


Responses to Our Autumn 2014 Issue

Our readers

Letters From …

Letter from Haiti: After the Earthquake

Madison Smartt Bell

Works in Progress

Wat Wreck

Stephanie Bastek

Shots in the Dark

Emily Ochoa

Lincoln and the Fourth Estate

Harold Holzer

Dark and Windy Night

Jennifer Henderson

Heart Devices and Desires

Vicki Valosik

Have Sketchbooks, Will Travel

Chloe Taft

One Small Step Toward Silicon Valley?

Tom Bentley

Tuning Up

Jazz and Bras

Brian Doyle

Commonplace Book


Anne Matthews

Book Reviews

Persecution Complex

Gary Saul Morson

The Crisis Up Close

Natalie Angier

Cruel Spring

Charles Trueheart

To Flee or Not to Flee

Jennifer Michael Hecht

Champion of Modernism

John Tytell

Breaking the Bonds

Louis P. Masur

Hell and Back

Phil Klay

Back Talk

-Ize on the Prize

Ralph Keyes


School Reform Fails the Test

Mike Rose

How can our schools get better when we’ve made our teachers the problem and not the solution?

Habits of Mind

Anthony Grafton and James Grossman

Why college students who do serious historical research become independent, analytical thinkers

What I Have Taught—and Learned

William M. Chace

After 50 years as a professor, I understand that my job is to make students think hard about thinking


Donald Hall

As the forest reclaims large stretches of New Hampshire, animals come and go, as do memories of a beloved 19th-century farmhouse

For Better and for Worse

Clellan Coe

The aftermath of a disorienting divorce

Traveling Corpse

Andrea Barrett

How an American sergeant’s journey through frigid North Russia inspired a work of historical fiction


At the Executioner’s Table

Julie Schumacher


The Algorithmic Sublime

Langdon Hammer

Four Poems
Subscription Required

Adam Fitzgerald


Songs of Innocence and Experience

Ian Bostridge

On Schubert’s sublime late vocal masterwork

Feast Your Eyes on This

Sandra M. Gilbert

What does the flurry for recent food movies say about our obsessions with all things culinary?

The Director Who Named Names

Wendy Smith

Reconsidering the legacy of Elia Kazan