Winter 2021

Cover Story

White, Whiteness, Whitewash

The masks we wear in America

by Nancy Isenberg


Information Insecurity

Because a European court doesn’t trust U.S. protections on personal data, transatlantic commerce and national security are at risk

by Fred H. Cate and Rachel D. Dockery

Our Revels Now Are Ended

What the pandemic portends for the performing arts in America

by Joseph Horowitz

An Atheist’s Lament

Is anyone—even a lifelong nonbeliever—ever truly done with religion?

by Emily Fox Gordon

God, Can You Hear Me?

Many young evangelicals are beginning to question the packaged truths offered in megachurches

by T. M. Luhrmann


Book Reviews

Earning Our Daily Bread

Earning Our Daily Bread

Did early humans really have it easier than we do?

Ellen Ruppel Shell
Native Wisdom

Native Wisdom

A celebration of the rich spiritual imagination of tribal peoples

Donald Worster
Redefining Women’s Work

Redefining Women’s Work

The relief of suffering was one means to a great end

Danielle Ofri
Market Morality

Market Morality

The divine underpinnings of Western prosperity

Michael Shermer

Thought Experiment

Exploring the evolutionary origins of our brains

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Satirist to  the Galaxy

Satirist to the Galaxy

The war behind a writer’s words

Anne Matthews