What Masks Signify

Decades ago, the sociologist Erving Goffman had the answer

Delta Force

A Grandfather’s Tale

We Are Still Here

How 10 activists around the world are fighting for a more sustainable future

After the Chaos

Who tells the story of Covid and what will it mean?

Bliss and Melancholy

Playing music can pull you through the tough times

Make Yourself Comfortable

What have we learned in quarantine from competitive reality shows?

Four Masks and a Funeral

On the loss of freedoms in Hong Kong

Sojourn in Stone

Traveling through memories from the comfort of home

Experimental Overreach

Why doctors and researchers must ask for consent

What I Will Miss About the Pandemic

Here’s hoping the new connections and fresh empathy won’t disappear

Realizing My Grandfather’s Sailing Dreams

When Covid hit, we already had the boat, so we only had to throw the lines

Inside the Burns Unit

How Scotland’s national poet brought solace at a time of pain and isolation

Reading Thucydides in a Time of Pandemic

What the Athenian historian’s insights predict about the future of our own democracy

Wave to Me

There’s one thing I won’t relinquish to a pandemic that’s claimed so much

The Plague Year

The more things change, the more they stay the same

On Hugging

What we lose when we can’t get close to the ones we love

The Pandemic Mood

Who created it and how it is maintained

Mad Dogs and Transcendentalists

How the individualism of Emerson and Thoreau differs from today’s libertarianism

Back to School

A return to reading as a private and a public act

Facing Death at the Ends of the Earth

The discovery of the world’s oldest rock offers a hefty dose of perspective


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