Quarantining with Heidegger

For the time being, it’s salad, snuggles, and Being and Time

Twenty-seven Boxes

When a lifetime’s worth of artifacts and memories arrived at my door

Monotony Interrupted

When a snow day is canceled by the pandemic, it’s childhood that’s at stake

At a Snail’s Pace

France has handled Covid-19 in a very French way

Words in Confinement

Lessons on literature and life from inside a notorious Mississippi prison

The Real Reality Principle

Our actions, or inactions, have consequences that we can never truly know

Armed for a Pandemic

A dance troupe’s film project holds loneliness at bay

The Rollout We Deserve

Our tolerance for piecemeal health care has led to the Covid-19 vaccination mess

“A Refreshing Change Is in Your Future”

Making art out of fortune-cookie wisdom

The Costs of Prudentialism

Why our public-health institutions failed to stop Covid-19

Realizing My Grandfather’s Sailing Dreams

When Covid hit, we already had the boat, so we only had to throw the lines

Inside the Burns Unit

How Scotland’s national poet brought solace at a time of pain and isolation

Reading Thucydides in a Time of Pandemic

What the Athenian historian’s insights predict about the future of our own democracy

Wave to Me

There’s one thing I won’t relinquish to a pandemic that’s claimed so much

The Plague Year

The more things change, the more they stay the same

On Hugging

What we lose when we can’t get close to the ones we love

The Pandemic Mood

Who created it and how it is maintained

Mad Dogs and Transcendentalists

How the individualism of Emerson and Thoreau differs from today’s libertarianism

Back to School

A return to reading as a private and a public act

Facing Death at the Ends of the Earth

The discovery of the world’s oldest rock offers a hefty dose of perspective


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