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Cullen Murphy on growing up in the golden age of make-believe

By Stephanie Bastek | December 8, 2017
Watercolor sketch for an unpublished Prince Valiant story, 1991 (Courtesy FSG)
Watercolor sketch for an unpublished Prince Valiant story, 1991 (Courtesy FSG)

This week, we talk to Cullen Murphy, the son of cartoonist John Cullen Murphy, about growing up during the funnies’ midcentury heyday. Cartoon County is part memoir, part history of the giants of the comics world, who drew Superman, Beetle Bailey, Hägar the Horrible, The Wizard of Id … and a bevy of strips and gags read by millions of Americans.

Go beyond the episode:

Polaroid photographs of John Cullen Murphy, posing for scenes he would draw in Big Ben Bolt or Prince Valiant (courtesy Cullen Murphy and FSG)

  • A 1987 Prince Valiant strip drawn by Cullen Murphy (© King Features Syndicate, Inc., world rights reserved)

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