Spring 2006 Issue


Editor's Note

Truth or Consequences

Robert Wilson


Response to Our Winter Issue
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Our readers

Letters From …

Amman: The War Next Door

Ingrid McDonald

Commonplace Book

Good Cheer
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André Bernard

Book Essay

Why Read George Eliot?

Paula Marantz Cohen

Book Reviews

Trouble and Glory
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Richard E. Nicholls

Strong Enough for Solitude
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Charles Trueheart

Sight Unseen
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Margaret S. Livingstone

Foreign Aid Failures
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Carol Lancaster


How to Write a Memoir

William Zinsser

Be yourself, speak freely, and think small

Leaving Race Behind

Amitai Etzioni

Our growing Hispanic population creates a golden opportunity

On the Outside Looking In

Nancy Honicker

Paris and its banlieues in November 2005

Onward, Christian Liberals

Marilynne Robinson

Christianity's long tradition of social injustice

What Jesus Did

Garry Wills

Forget about Christ as secular sage, historical figure, or even as Christian

Two Strangers, Three Stories

James McConkey

All the lonely people and where they come from

Shouldn’t There Be a Word ... ?

Barbara Wallraff

The holes in our language and the never-ending search for words to fill them

The Idea of Bombay

Gyan Prakash

Bollywood epitomized modernity for a boy in a distant province. As an adult, he sees a troubled city.

Henry James vs. the Robber Barons

Gorman Beauchamp

Why Italian art should stay in England, where it belongs, and not fall into the hands of foreigners

Findings: Birdman of America
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Robert Wilson



What Philosopher
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Vicki Hearne

Second Draft and Sparrow
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James Longenbach

Morning and Reading Akhmatova
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Karl Kirchwey


Thinking About Work
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Nan Stone

Peter Drucker taught us why we need to know what the boss is up to

Snake-Oil Music
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Malcolm Jones

Medicine shows and other homemade entertainments