Spring 2017 Issue


Editor's Note


Robert Wilson


Responses to Our Winter 2017 Issue

Our readers

Letters From …

Athens: Rocking the Cradle of Democracy

John Psaropoulos

Works in Progress

Boom and Bust

Eli Reichman

A More Mindful Economy

Clair Brown

Spheres of Influence

Elyse Graham

Alaska’s Close-Up

Noelani Kirschner

The Virtual Forest

Vanessa Schipani

Fast Food’s Urban Invasion

Naa Oyo A. Kwate

Tuning Up

(Full Disclosure)

Ann Beattie

Commonplace Book

Spring 2017

Anne Matthews

Book Essay

Found in Translation

Piotr Florczyk

Book Reviews

More Than Human

Michael Shermer

Robocops and Robbers

Jill Leovy

One Nation Under God

Dennis Covington

“Time to Plant Tears”

Dana Gioia

Taking Old Abe to Task

David S. Reynolds

Travels in Literary Time

Jay Parini

American Places

Skagit Valley, Washington

Christine Sharp


A Brief History of Secession

Richard Striner

Why Calexit might not be as crazy as you think

On Political Correctness

William Deresiewicz

Power, class, and the new campus religion


Emily Bernard

How My Italian-American husband ate his way into the good graces of my African-American family

The Cloistered Books of Peru

Helen Hazen

A convent in the Andes is home to a treasure trove of rare, and possibly unique, early volumes

Keeping Faith

Mark Lane

After a loss from which there is no recovery, I turned to books—not for solace or forgetting, but simply to survive

The Ultimate Pawn Sacrifice

Jay Neugeboren

My brother’s life mirrored that of Bobby Fischer, the deeply troubled chess master



Dennis McFarland


Shorter Means Sweeter

Langdon Hammer

Six Poems
Subscription Required

Stephen Burt


Scenes from a Lost World

Robert Campbell

Remember when urban life was gritty and bleak, but also poetic?

Some Perspective, Please

Lincoln Perry

Why is the age-old technique of representing three dimensions so maligned today?