Summer 2005


Accidental Elegance

How chance authors the universe

by Mary Beth Saffo

Genome Tome

Twenty-three ways of looking at our ancestors

by Priscilla Long

Turning the Tide

How Rachel Carson became a woman of letters

by William Howarth

Not So Fast with the DDT

Rachel Carson's warnings still apply

by Reed Karaim

Roosevelt Redux: Part Two

Robert M. Ball and the battle for Social Security

by Thomas N. Bethell

Summer Visitors

Buy a house in Maine and they will come. And come.

by Ann Beattie

Hearing Is Believing

Ivory-billed sightings leave field biologists wanting to hear more

by Apurva Narechania

The Man Who Loved Cemeteries

Ted Ashton Phillips, Jr., 1959-2005

by Allan Gurganus


Editor's Note

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Reason in the Sun

Robert Wilson


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Response to Our Spring Issue

Our readers

Letter From …

Rome: The Keys to St. Peter's placeholder image

Rome: The Keys to St. Peter's

Ingrid D. Rowland

Commonplace Book

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André Bernard

Book Essay

Book Reviews

Words into Ploughshares placeholder image

Words into Ploughshares

The Georgics in English just American enough

A. E. Stallings
Universal Truths placeholder image

Universal Truths

The stories we've told ourselves about the heavens and the Earth

Jennifer Michael Hecht
Moral Exemptions placeholder image

Moral Exemptions

Should the law give special rights to the religious?

R. Laurence Moore
Canon Fodder placeholder image

Canon Fodder

Works that Need Some Explanation

John Seelye
An Epitapher of Literary Ghosts placeholder image

An Epitapher of Literary Ghosts

William Dean Howells secured the reputations of others, but not his own

William P. Kelly
Drinking in the Past placeholder image

Drinking in the Past

Six beverages that changed the world

Gary Cross
Telltale Hearts placeholder image

Telltale Hearts

Sarah L. Courteau
Sisyphus at Oxford placeholder image

Sisyphus at Oxford

Caroline Preston
Just Looking placeholder image

Just Looking

Andrew Starner