The Fox in the Big House

Soviets, poetry, and foxes, oh my!

Courtesy University of Chicago Press
Courtesy University of Chicago Press


Lee Alan Dugatkin on the world’s cutest science experiment, which transformed wild foxes into cuddlebugs; Ellen Lagemann’s case for college in prisons; and an underground poetry reading promoting this weekend’s March for Science.

Go beyond the episode:

• The Science Stanzas curated by Jane Hirshfield for the March for Science
• Lee Alan Dugatkin and Lyudmila Trut’s How to Tame a Fox
• Ellen Lagemann’s Liberating Minds and the Bard Prison Initiative
• Read more about Stalin’s geneticist henchman, Trofim Lysenko, in our review of Stalin and the Scientists
• Our first subterranean segment, from our third (!) episode

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