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Women v. ISIS

Feminism in the Syrian desert, microbes everywhere, and one agony aunt

By Stephanie Bastek | August 23, 2016
Berivan, PKK commander in Makhmour (Joey Lawrence)


Meredith Tax explains how the Rojava Kurds—and their democratic, feminist, and environmentally conscious society—are fighting back against ISIS; Ed Yong takes us on a tour of the ecosystems lurking inside our bodies; and Amy Whitaker, alias “Agony Amy,” our resident agony aunt, gives advice about balancing a creative life.

Mentioned in this episode:

• View a slideshow of Joey Lawrence’s photographs from Rojava, and read an excerpt from A Road Unforeseen
• “The Revolution in Rojava”, Meredith Tax’s article in Dissent magazine that sparked the book
• Read an excerpt from Ed Yong’s new book I Contain Multitudes on our regular books feature, Shelf Life

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