David Lehman

David Lehman, a contributing editor of the Scholar, is a poet, critic, and the general editor of The Best American Poetry annual anthology and author of the book One Hundred Autobiographies. He currently writes our Talking Pictures column.

The Prophecy of an Assassination

John Frankenheimer’s prescient 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate

By David Lehman | Saturday January 22, 2022

Christmas Movies Beyond the Expected

Six films to shake up your holiday viewing

By David Lehman | Saturday December 18, 2021

The Highest Achievement of American Film Noir

Stanwyck, MacMurray, and Robinson at their best in Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity

By David Lehman | Saturday November 6, 2021

To Dance an Exclamation Point

The case for An American in Paris as Gene Kelly’s best

By David Lehman | Saturday September 25, 2021

For Every Season, a Classic Holiday Movie

Three films fit for fall

By David Lehman | Saturday August 28, 2021

Fedora, Trench Coat, Cigarette, and Gun

Humphrey Bogart’s legacy as an unconventional heartthrob

By David Lehman | Saturday July 17, 2021

The First Lady of Noir

Celebrated actress Ida Lupino directed The Bigamist and other taboo-busting films

By David Lehman | Saturday May 22, 2021

Blind Accidents

How John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle brilliantly epitomizes the caper film

By David Lehman | Saturday April 17, 2021

Blonde Venus

The mystique of Marlene Dietrich

By David Lehman | Saturday March 6, 2021

A Reluctant Spy’s Conversion

Revisiting George Seaton’s underrated 1962 film, The Counterfeit Traitor

By David Lehman | Thursday February 4, 2021

Tunneling to Freedom

By David Lehman | Thursday June 6, 2024

Homage to the Uncanny

By David Lehman | Thursday February 29, 2024

How Well Do You Know Your Hitchcock?

By David Lehman | Friday January 19, 2024

“Mr. Lucky” Didn’t Know Who He Was

By David Lehman | Thursday September 28, 2023

Brilliant Carnage

By David Lehman | Thursday February 23, 2023

What Hath Gable Got?

By David Lehman | Monday November 28, 2022

The Allure of the Enigmatic

By David Lehman | Thursday August 25, 2022

Famous Last Lines

By David Lehman | Thursday July 21, 2022

The Last Cigarette

By David Lehman | Saturday May 14, 2022

The Plot to Kill de Gaulle

By David Lehman | Saturday March 5, 2022


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