Autumn 2007


Wonder Bread

Come with us to a place called Brooklyn, where the stories are half-baked and their endings bland and soft

by Melvin Jules Bukiet

Unto Caesar

Religious groups that have allied themselves with politicians, and vice versa, have ignored at their peril the lessons of Roger Williams and U.S. history

by Ethan Fishman

The Trojan War

Now even some environmentalists are supporting the use of nuclear power to generate electricity. One man’s story suggests the industry can’t be trusted

by William Nichols

Poetry Stand

How a precocious group of high school poets learned to provide verse on demand

by Diana Goetsch

Lady of the Lake

Writer Brenda Ueland and the story she never shared

by Alice Kaplan

Apologies All Around

Today's tendency to make amends for the crimes of history raises the question: where do we stop?

by Gorman Beauchamp

Findings: Amateurism

From the Spring 1976 issue of The Scholar

by William Haley


Book Reviews

The Genius and Her Sanctuary

Pivotal moments in the pairing of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas

Catharine R. Stimpson

Atonality and Beyond

The century when composers and audiences parted company

Sudip Bose

The Early End of Consensus

Bitter partisanship began soon after George Washington left the scene

Jill Ogline

Swept Away

When Géricault painted The Raft of the Medusa, he immersed himself in his subject’s horrors

Anthony Brandt

Nurtural Intelligence

The discoverer of the Flynn effect claims that genes control IQ less than you’d expect

Richard Restak

Words and Music

Two ways of thinking about what our brains can do

Jennifer Michael Hecht