Spring 2021

Cover Story

The China Model

Its economic success and rejection of democratic values have engaged leaders across the globe

by Shakhar Rahav

Cover Story

Putin’s Potemkin Paradise

The troubling appeal of Russia’s blend of political repression and bourgeois comfort

by Graeme Wood


The Birth of Black Power

Stokely Carmichael and the speech that changed the course of the civil rights movement

by Sally Greene

Jacques Barzun and Friend

What did a distinguished historian, and possibly a great man, see in an unkempt young would-be writer?

by Arthur Krystal

Natural Magic

Modern medicine's roots in alchemy, astronomy, and the apothecary shop

by Ellen Wayland-Smith

Unsentimental Education

Mary Ware Dennett’s quest to make contraception—and knowledge about sex—available to all

by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow