Winter 2024

Cover Story

In the Forest of the Colobus

At a Gambian nature reserve, troops of endangered monkeys—and numerous other creatures—enact a grand drama that plumbs the mysteries of life, death, and regeneration

by Dawn Starin


An Outrage Sacred to the Gods

As Antigone knows all too well, the act of burying a loved one is not always a simple matter

by Greg Afinogenov

It All Begins in Love

An essayist sees glimpses of her parents and the many struggles they endured in a new exhibition of southern photography

by Emily Bernard

Florida Man

Making a home in the Sunshine State when you feel like a perpetual outsider

by Thomas Swick

Give Us Something to Look At

Why ornament matters in architecture

by Witold Rybczynski

Shooting a Dog

During a deployment in Iraq, a young soldier confronts a fundamental paradox about the masculine temperament in wartime

by Hugh Martin

Notes From the Front

Henry Kissinger’s Vietnam diary shows that he knew the war was lost a decade before it ended

by Thomas A. Bass