Survival Situation

The debate over evolution and its discoverer

Origin Story: The Trials of Charles Darwin by Howard Markel

The Rescuer

In search of the Underground Railroad’s legendary conductor

Night Flyer: Harriet Tubman and the Faith Dreams of a Free People by Tiya Miles

Rhyme, Not Repetition

All that’s past isn’t necessarily present

When the Clock Broke: Con Men, Conspiracists, and How America Cracked Up in the Early 1990s by John Ganz

Facing the Facts

An antiquated take on antiquity

The Missing Thread: A Women’s History of the Ancient World by Daisy Dunn

We Are the Borg

Is the convergence of human and machine really upon us?

The Singularity Is Nearer: When We Merge with AI by Ray Kurzweil

Numbers Game

A novelist’s indictment of how we account for our history

Question 7 by Richard Flanagan

Born to Be Wild

One founding family’s centuries-long journey

American Bloods: The Untamed Dynasty That Shaped a Nation by John Kaag


Indigenous civilizations thrived long before Europeans showed up

Native Nations: A Millennium in North America by Kathleen DuVal

Acting Out

One tortuous journey from stage to screen

Cocktails with George and Martha: Movies, Marriage and the Making of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Philip Gefter

Hometown Heroes

What if the goal is not to make it out of the neighborhood?

There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension by Hanif Abdurraqib

Drinking in the Past

Six beverages that changed the world

Telltale Hearts

Sisyphus at Oxford

Just Looking

What Is It Good For?

How the American military went from defense to offense

The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War By Andrew J. Bacevich

Battle of Anacostia

The bonus army and its unexpected legacy

The Bonus Army: An American Epic By Paul Dickson and Thomas B. Allen

Thoreau’s Landscape Within

How he came to know nature, and through it came to know himself

Natural Life: Thoreau’s Worldly Transcendentalism By David M. Robinson

Rocket Men

A daughter explores the male-dominated universe of her father

Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science By M. G. Lord

The Peculiar Intellectual

In the antebellum South, scholars made serious contributions to their fields, at least until they turned to defending slavery

Conjectures of Order: Intellectual Life and the American South By Michael O’Brien

What Einstein Knew

One year and five papers that changed physics forever

Einstein 1905: The Standard of GreatnessBy John S. Rigden /The Einstein Almanac By Alice Calaprice


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