Thirteen of the Best Books We Read in 2019

From fiction that will pull you in to eight ways the world could end


A Holiday Reading Roundup

Seven books published by the Scholar’s contributors in 2019


This Is What Terror Sounds Like

10 pieces to guarantee the Halloween shivers

Mural of businessmen

10 Famous Authors With Surprising Day Jobs

Or, 10 reasons to hang on to that office job

35 Over 35

These writers got their start after age 35—there’s still hope for you

Blue and white striped umbrellas at a beach

Here Comes the Sun

What to read when it arrives

The Greatest Escapes

The 13 boldest getaways in literature

The Seven Best Books We’ve Ever Received

‘Tis the season

A Monstrous Mash-Up

Six Gothic Tales From the 18th Century to Today

Turning Leaves and Turning Pages

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Our favorite epistolary novels

Summer Daze

Books we recommend for warm-weather days

Father Figures

Fourteen books to celebrate Father’s Day

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

Charles Dickens died 150 years ago today

Let Me Tell You a Story

Audiobooks to disappear into

Vegetables, mainly cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, garlic, and basil, spread out on a blue background. Two wooden forks are crossed among the vegetables.

11 Culinary Books with Words to Savor

Food writing so good, you can practically taste it

Ready for a Beatdown?

The cathartic power of drumming

10 Classic Books for Cooped-Up Kids


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