Summer 2022

Cover Story

Ulysses at 100

by Our Editors


Last Rites and Comic Flights

A funeral in a 1984 Japanese film offers moments of slapstick amid the solemnity

by Pico Iyer

Polish Lessons

Four decades ago, a young American found himself in Warsaw during turbulent, extraordinary times

by Thomas Swick

A Remembrance of  Places Both Empty and Full

The divine, stark photographs of Robert Adams

by Megan Craig

The Believer

When nobody would touch Joyce’s manuscript, Sylvia Beach stepped in

by Keri Walsh

Ter Conatus

Reading Joyce in a minor key

by Donal Ryan

Know Me Come Eat With Me

In the world of Ulysses, food turns out to be everything

by Flicka Small

It Happened One Day in June

Why Ulysses is as vital as ever— compelling, complex, and direct

by Robert J. Seidman

For the Joy of Joyce

Abandon the notion of high-minded seriousness and simply enter into the novel’s flow

by Amit Chaudhuri

The Bomb Next Door

Eighty years into the atomic age, U.S. nuclear power reactors have produced several million tons of radioactive waste—and we still have no idea how to dispose of it

by Thomas A. Bass

The Lions and the San

How could a people survive for thousands of years with so many predators in their midst?

by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas


Book Essay

She Was the Toast of the World

She Was the Toast of the World

The dramas and diaries of Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sandra M. Gilbert

Book Reviews

Morals, Meaning, and Nonsense

Morals, Meaning, and Nonsense

Ethical inquiry requires lived experience, not just logical examination

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen
Different People, Different Stories

Different People, Different Stories

On the complexities of lumping psychiatric patients into categories

Kathryn Tabb
More Than a ‘Mere Echo’

More Than a ‘Mere Echo’

English versions of foreign literature must stand on their own

Lauren Elkin
What a Long, Strange Trip It Was

What a Long, Strange Trip It Was

The explosive writer who created worlds alien and mundane

Madison Smartt Bell
A Whale of a Story

A Whale of a Story

The parallel lives of   Moby-Dick’s creator and the historian who rescued him from obscurity

Steven G. Kellman
California Scheming

California Scheming

Has one of the 20th century’s greatest unsolved crimes finally been cracked?

Susan Berfield
Subatomic Inspiration

Subatomic Inspiration

The enigmatic thinker behind the Large Hadron Collider

Sam Kean