Cover Story

The Taming of the Wild

As we celebrate the centenary of the National Park Service, a meditation on “the best idea that America ever had”

by David Gessner


The FBI, My Husband, and Me

What I know now about Ted, whose photographs documented the 1960s, and about J. Edgar Hoover’s attempts to label him a Soviet spy

by Shirley Streshinsky

The Truth About Dallas

Looking back at the investigation of the Kennedy assassination and the controversies that dogged it from the start

by Howard P. Willens and Richard M. Mosk

The Other Woman

A mother’s devastating secret, and its many reverberations, present and past

by Sheila Kohler

Flight Behavior

A restless traveler finds solace in the quiet beauty of the annual sandhill crane migration

by Amy Butcher

Waiting for Fire

As smoke thickens and ash falls, an esteemed Napa vintner prepares to save his home and livelihood

by James Conaway


Editor's Note

Animal Stories

Robert Wilson

Letters From …

South Africa: Rhinos Under the Gun

Katarzyna Nowak

American Places

Key West, Florida

Lincoln Perry

Works in Progress


Margaret Foster

Rethinking How We Try Terrorists

Karen J. Greenberg

Fiction Preview: A Bumpy Ride

Alice McDermott

A Cold Look

Tom Bentley

College Meets Wall Street

Brad Edmondson

Out With the Old Laws

Charlotte Salley

Commonplace Book

Summer 2016

Anne Matthews

Book Essay

Living With Dante

Louis Begley

Book Reviews

Manifest Poverty

Dennis Covington

Courting All Voters

Lincoln Caplan

With Noses Held High

Becca Rothfeld

Annals of Human Oddity

Andy Grundberg

The Great Summing Up

James Gibney

The Lives Aquatic

Eugene Linden

Bohemian Rhapsody

Sridhar Pappu


All Her Names

Kali Fajardo-Anstine


Hold Up a Poem

Langdon Hammer

Three Poems

Rowan Ricardo Phillips


Rowan Ricardo Phillips


Well, Some of It Was True

The life and death of Joe Strummer of the Clash

Brian Doyle

It Beggared All Description

The famous flop that opened the Met

Sudip Bose

Concrete Revival

The resurrection of Marcel Breuer

David Hay

Tuning Up

On Prayer

I’ve never tried it, but I suspect the world could use a lot more of it

Edward Hoagland