Summer 2023

Cover Story

A Kingdom of Little Animals

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of microorganisms made possible the revolutionary advances in biology and medicine that continue to inform our Covid age

by Laura J. Snyder


The Color of Dust

Sometimes even a team of radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons can be mystified by the strange workings of the human brain

by Patrick Tripp

The Lives of Bryan

My brother often eluded death, but the many trials that he endured could not prepare us for that awful moment when he finally left us

by Jennifer Sinor

Projections of Life

Memories of a Midwestern childhood and the stories only pictures can tell

by David Owen

Night Vision

On finding comfort and purpose in the dark

by Tamara Dean

The Whole World in His Hands

What a digital restoration of the most expensive painting ever sold tells us about beauty, authenticity, and the fragility of existence

by David Stromberg

Last Dance

At a World War II internment camp, George Igawa entertained thousands of incarcerated Japanese Americans—while teaching a band of novices how to swing

by Julian Saporiti