Winter 2012


How to Pay for What We Need

Congress could create money, as it did during the Civil War, funding public projects that shock the economy back to life

by Richard Striner

The Gravity of Falling

Having hurtled through the American century, we are distracted and confused. But can we find our way again?

by Edward Hoagland

A Jew in the Northwest

Exile, ethnicity, and the search for the perfect futon

by William Deresiewicz

His Hour Upon the Stage

As a lifelong reader of Shakespeare’s plays, Lincoln had reservations about how they were presented

by Douglas L. Wilson

St. Augustine and the Hall of Memory

Like the philosopher, my aunt kept house in her imagination, tending to the sensations and images of the past

by Greta Austin

The Witch Temple of Mehandipur

To an Indian town the possessed come in droves, their families desperate to be rid of the evil that curses them

by Edward Hower